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Problem solver passionate about Communication and Interaction Design

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I am a product designer with a background in graphic design and advertising. Born in Japan and raised in China, my exposure to various cultures allows me to express my designs in ways that everyone is able to understand.


I pursued a rigorous academic curriculum in the U.S. where I studied graphic and interaction design. I found communication to be fascinating: analyzing information, reflecting upon this knowledge and comprehending it. I am also bilingual which gives me the ability to bridge the gap between different cultures. I see things in ways that others may not be able to see.


My design methodology is “Form Follows Function,” which was coined by F.L. Wright. My exposure to rich social experiences and my cheerful personality allows me to communicate with professionals effectively. I believe in personal connections and easily adapt to new situations. I know that everyone has unique qualities that I can learn from, which allows me to polish my skill sets. I am a team player who believes teams should enjoy joint responsibilities and rewards. The key to this success is to understand my work and accept feedback with an open mind. Embarking on a creative journey alongside my co-workers and putting things into perspective are my strengths.

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A little more about me 

TREEHACKS Standford University
Sustainability Grand Prize

Arduino Prototype

Unity Game scene design
Alice in wonderland

Team player
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