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Work from home time management, Keep motivated me from distraction from home,

Research and interview during the pandemic


The objective is to support CCA students during the school lockdown to access school resources.

Students' voices

According to my personal research from CCA students about the equipment checkout servey (122 response) . 41.8% of the students checkout equipment more than 5 times a semester. Sadly, after school lockdown, 80.3% of the students didn’t check out any equipment. 68% of students need support from school equipment. 75% of students agree that the lack of equipment has inferences their creativity and activity. All of the data certify problem is already particularly acute.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 2.15.09 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 2.15.09 AM.png


Introducing Checkout Master, a platform that convenience and connectivity to student checkout.

Unlike other checkout platforms and the current checkout method, Checkout master is consolidating education resources from the school community and provides curated available equipment for college students to checkout and learning, making it easier for students to make a confident checkout decision. The platform aims to improve the checkout experience with the least physical contact that keeps everyone safe during pandemics, encourages creativity with digital equipment and recommendations chats between students, and inspires their utilization of resources.

Global monitoring of school closures caused by COVID - 19

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 11.42.32 PM.png



COVID-19 has dramatically reshaped the way global education is delivered. Millions of learners were affected by educational institution closures due to the pandemic, which resulted in the largest online movement in the history of education. With this sudden shift away from classrooms in many parts of the globe, universities had to rapidly shift to virtual and digital strategies. Many believe that the adoption of online distance learning will persist after the pandemic. See the legend on the left.

4. Busy college life makes it difficult for students to control the time of lending and returning. Students need a tool to help them master time management.

”I just remembered that I have to return the equipment, but the school bus is about to leave.
I can only choose to pay the late fee.”

5. The ignorance of resources directly leads to the waste of resources. inventory catalog is available on the checkout desk and website. Unfortunately, the former is inconvenient to use and the latter is unknown.
Students should comprehensive knowing of school equipment.

“what? I didn't even know there is VR in school”

Competitive Audit

I analyzed existing products and services in this space to understand their approach to a strategic position in the market. I found that most of this check-out software and services in the market is aim at Schools, universities, colleges, and other rental services.
Students' checkout experience has always been ignored to an extent. Students who are paying higher college tuition year by year deserve a product that can help them improve positive relationships that foster a supportive learning environment and connection. In order to make all the equipment rental products and services at a glance, I made a feature comparison chart.

competitive analysis.png
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